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Signatures for Project Justice Goncalo Amaral

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1 OdetteFranssen  
2 AlfieFinn  
3 BryanPaul Mr amaral you have world wide respect.
4 OpalTaylor  
5 HelenaMathys  
6 MargaretJohnson  
7 ValSmith  
8 DavidVilain  
9 GiselaReif  
10 SusanaMartinez  
11 EstelleP I am indignant over the attack that has been perpetrated against the right to freedom of expression for Gonšalo de Sousa Amaral, who saw censorship fall over not only his book, but also any expression, oral or written, of the thesis that he defends.
12 JillHavern  
13 MarcellusDillon For Justice and For Maddie.
14 JenniferAldeen  
15 BarbaraShetliffe  
16 FranciscaVan Hoof Moreover, Snr. Amaral is also gagged financially, as all his assets have been frozen and he cannot defend himself properly against a "damage" claim of 1.2 million Euro! If no immediate action is taken to stop this, it can happen to any of us any time too.
17 BrenRyan Goncalo has my support 110%
18 jamesoliver  
19 MargaretPhilpot No one should have the right to silence the free expression of another because of opposing views.
20 TraceySeal  
21 DebraDavies Everyone has a right to an opinion.
22 RonaldCampbell  
23 juliewrigley  
24 ElunedRoberts Freedom of expression is a right that must be preserved.
25 CMcCartan