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26 ChristineBols  
27 M.P.  
28 ChristinaBorder  
29 MariannaCampbell  
30 AndrewEspeland  
31 RosemaryMurphy Freedom of speech is an undeniable right.
32 KristinaWilliams  
33 lynnlacey  
34 RuthDelahunty We must fight all attempts to deny freedom of expression to Mr Amaral and any other European citizen. It is a breech of human rights and a dangerous step along the path towards dictatorship.
35 Frankten Hulsen  
36 HeatherDews An upright and dignified man who can be trusted and believed. I am proud to support him and his right to Freedom of Expression.
37 KatrinaIreland  
38 KathleenDidcock  
39 AnthonyBennett I believe that Goncalo Amaral is an honest seeker after truth in the Madeleine McCann case. I consider that he has been the victim of several human rights violations by the Portuguese courts which include obvious breaches of Artice 6 and 11 of EHCR.
40 janbowman we need to protect our human rights
41 Ann_KristineWestwood It is surely the right of every man and woman to be able to express an opinion. My father fought a world war for the this.
42 davenelson Please reopening the case, using experts in both the Uk Scotland Yard, and the PJ ,let them conduct a full review of the case unhindered , and with the full cooperation of all involved , to hopefully bring resolution to this tragic case
43 louiseharffey  
44 kittikatona Why is it ONLY the mccanns think they have the right to freedom off speech and only their 'followers' are allowed to do the same?
45 UrsulaGrob Freedom of expression is a human right, which has to be protected.
46 CarolineBraun Justice for Mr. Amaral and Madeleine
47 ElizabethHam  
48 JennyGilbert  
49 VilmaSpätgens  
50 AnnabelLijster I hope this will help for resolving the mystery about Madeleine