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Signatures for Project Justice Goncalo Amaral

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51 Cy Long live Freedom of Speech!
52 chanouksplinter freedom of speech for amaral
53 CherylNoke  
54 veronicaseddon justice for free speech justice for maddie
55 DebbieSchmidt Freedom of Expression is our right.
56 FrancisMcIver The attempted "Gagging" of anybody is contrary to democracy in any country.Millions have died for all our freedoms so that that we may be able to both hold and freely state our views.
57 LaraSable  
58 NellieShea  
59 RodCameron  
60 MarinaJohnson Freedom of speech is an absolute right for everyone. Sr Amaral has been gagged and treated disgracefully by ruthless and vindictive people. Read the police files for the truth in this tragic case - book burning takes us back to the Dark Ages.
61 maevekerley  
62 sharonDavage Praying for justice
63 NunoCandeias This is not about agreeing or not with Mr. Amaral views; it’s about tolerance towards different opinions and the freedom to exercise this right. If we let another person's free expression be threatened then we are all threatened.
64 JohnLathen They have taken Goncalo Amarel's human rights away, where is the European Court of Justice?
65 SteveThompson  
66 VerdesIldiko  
67 AngelaMills Let Goncalo Amaral speak, and let us hear what he has to say.
68 ChristineSilverman Prevenir a liberdade de expressão de QUALQUER cidadão está errado e injusto. Meus antepassados lutaram em muitas guerras de forma que mim e minhas crianças e as crianças de minhas crianças, poderia ter fala grátis. Eu não concederei aquele direito simples
69 DavidReynolds  
70 GeorgieBryan Portugual!! Mr Gongola Amaral deserves your respect he has stood tall and proud for what he believes in and you should be proud of him. This will not go away however much anyone in power believes it will.
71 RonaldMeek  
72 BettyCay It is essential that freedom of speech is upheld. Goncalo Amaral is to be highly commended for fighting for justice against determined powers attempting to conceal the truth
73 JENNIFERCOLOMBO Justice for Madeleine, Justice for Goncarlo Amaral and Justice for the Universal Freedom of Speech and Expression...!
74 CassFox. Justice for Gonçalo Amaral & freedom of expression.
75 DavidMorton Shocking